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Introducing the Policy Shift Migration and Integration Series

We are pleased to introduce the Policy Shift Migration and Integration Series, edited by Jennie Cottle (Adjunct Faculty at Sciences Po and Policy Shift Co-Founder) and Anna Piccinni (Associate Fellow Columbia University City Diplomacy Lab, OECD).

Our idea for this series was inspired by the excellent work from our students in order to highlight their interest and dedication to the field of migration and integration, while promoting greater inclusion and diversity. Graduate students contributing to this journal have participated in either the class on “Migration and integration policies: a sustainable development approach”, taught by Anna Piccinni or the class on “Contemporary Immigration Enforcement”, taught by Jennie Cottle at the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs.

The theme for this series focuses on the changing landscape of migration with an analysis of salient migration trends and policies. The articles share an approach towards migration and integration programs which aim to have a positive social, political or economic impact.

This allows us to emphasize that immigration is inherently connected to a wide range of global trends and policy fields, and interacts with all levels of government and society (regional, national, and local). Overall, our objective for this series is to provide an analysis of innovative approaches toward immigration and integration in line with Policy Shift’s framework to examine innovative or emerging policies, programs or initiatives that seek to have a positive social impact.

Migration and Integration Series Articles:


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