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PolicyShift is a research-based institution devoted to identifying and analyzing high-impact and innovative public policies. Our goal is to provide evidence-based qualified opinions that could lead to the promotion of social and economic change. Each publication analyzes a policy from a holistic perspective and provides the reader with information on the potential impact of these policies in countries with different social, economic and environmental contexts.


Our team is comprised of experts from different fields, including social policy and inclusiveness, climate change and sustainable finance, and global risks and international trade.

Social Policies and Social Impact


International Programs Manager, Adjunct Faculty Sciences Po, PhD in Political Science, Migration studies


Associate Director, Social Impact Consulting, Ecological and Just Transition

Environment and Sustainable Finance


Senior ESG Analyst, Lecturer on Sustainability, Biodiversity, Impact Investing, Regulation

Charlotte Photo Policy Shift (3).jpeg

Climate Change, Energy & Financial Stability Expert, International Monetary Fund


Sustainable Innovation and Impactful Startups,

Big Data for Agriculture Resilience

Global Risks and International Trade


Trade Credit Underwriter, American International Group, Country Risk and Credit Risk Analysis 


Economist and International Development Specialist, Producer Services Manager, Cocoa Program

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