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Weekly News: our selection of weekly analysis on political and economic global risks in 2020

Every week, Policy Shift will share a selection of recent articles and publications focused on public policy and innovation. This week’s theme deals with political and economic global risks in 2020.

IHS Markit, which is a leading source of critical information, published its top ten economic predictions for 2020. On January 28, 2020, the group also organized the Economics and Country Risk European Roadshow 2020 in Paris to discuss major issues affecting the global and financial environment addressing the following main topics:

2020 Vision: IHS Markit perspective

  • What could go wrong, and where might we be positively surprised?

  • US election year: A game changer for the global economy?

  • Europe at a turning point: economy, policy and climate change

  • Iran: Conflict outlook and implications

  • Sanctions: Impact, effectiveness, and outlook

1. Rigged!: Who Governs the US?

2. The Great Decoupling

3. US/China

4. MNCs not to the rescue

5. India gets Modi-fied

6. Geopolitical Europe

7. Politics vs. Economics of Climate Change

8. Shia Crescendo

9. Discontent in Latin America

10. Turkey

Black Rock Investment has built its own geopolitical risk tool “BlackRock’s Geopolitical Risk Dashboard” and they highlight their top 10 risks.

Geoquant is a startup company fusing political science with computer science to identify, track and price political risks for global investors. In their report The Year Ahead/ 2020 Data-Driven Predictions for Global Investors, they suggest that “despite a recent spike, Global Political Risk is forecast to decline through the first half of 2020, re-accelerating in the second half but remaining subdued relative to the tumultuous period beginning in 2016”.

Interested in learning more about global risks and 2020 outlooks, read more at:

World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2020:

Moody’s 2020 Outlooks:

S&P Global Rating, Outlook 2020: A Precarious Balance

FitchRating Credit Outlooks 2020:

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